What is ts3for.world?

ts3for.world is a public TeamSpeak 3 and Discord server.

What does the service cost?

Absolutely nothing. ts3for.world is and will be free forever.

Annoying users - no admins - what now?

  • You can write to a user with the server group “Goldmember”
  • You can mute the user
  • You can ignore the user (text chat)
  • You can submit a complain
  • You can contact a channel admin if he is responsible for your area
  • How do I get my own channel?

    You must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least five users in a group
  • You should be online regularly
  • One of the group must have at least level 10
  • You should not have caused any noticeable trouble
  • All rights of exceptions are reserved for the admins!
  • Which commands work on the server?

    You can display a list of all commands with “!help”

    How can I use “!help” or any other command?

    You must have a tab in chat for the Admin Tool open to use this command. If you blocked the AdminTool, you cannot send him any commands.

    What do the levels mean?

    The levels are part of a ranking system, which depends on the active time on TeamSpeak. The more active you are, the higher your level rises.

    What is the highest level that you can achieve?

    The highest level that a user can reach is currently 50.

    What benefits do the levels have?

    1-24 No special rights.

    from 25 Upload from files up to a maximum of 50 MB / Download unlimited.

    from 30 like 25 + Use of reserved slots.

    from 35 like 30 + Upload increased to 100 MB / Download unlimited.

    from 40 like 35 + Upload increased to 200 MB / Download unlimited.

    from 45 like 40 + Create semi-permanent channels with all codecs.

    from 50 like 45 + Create permanent channel.

    What do the server groups mean?
  • Server Admin group: Have all rights.
  • Goldmember group: Users in this group can join the channel above the “Willkommenshalle” and have extended rights.
  • Member: The default group on the server.
  • Channel Member: Users in this group can ignore channel passwords for the channel in which they have the group.
  • Channel Admin: 1-2 members of a zone get this group including advanced permissions like moving users within their Zone etc.
  • Member DE: Users in this group have German as default language.
  • Member EN: Users in this group have English as default language.
  • ts3for.world Voter: Users in this group have voted for the server in the last 24h. Thx, for the support. :)
  • Vote Lvl 1-5: Users in this group have voted 1-5 times this month.
  • Vote Lvl 6-10: Users in this group have voted 6-10 times this month.
  • Vote Lvl 11-15: Users in this group have voted 11-15 times this month.
  • Vote Lvl 16-20: Users in this group have voted 16-20 times this month.
  • Vote Lvl 21-25: Users in this group have voted 21-25 times this month.
  • Vote Lvl 26-31: Users in this group have voted 26-31 times this month.
  • Level 1 - Level 50: These groups are levels of the ranking system.
  • Sticky groups: Sticky groups for different reasons. These groups are assigned to users for misbehaviour and restrict their rights.
  • Developer: This icon is a client icon for developing users.
  • Game Server Group: This icon represents all game groups. These groups only show which games are played by the users.
  • Mute Group: Users with this group can't talk.
  • Registered: Users with this group have an account on the website.
  • Twitch Streamer: Users with this group are streamers.
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